Diocesan Board

According to the current Bylaws (Adopted 10-24-20), the elected Officers shall be President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These Officers comprise The Diocesan Executive Board.

Kimberly Cortner

Kimberly Cortner

President 2021 - 2024

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Upland

Job Description

The President shall preside at all meetings of The Assembly,
The Assembly Board, and The Executive Board. In addition, the
President shall:

  1. Make the following appointments within three (3)
    months of taking office: Committee Chairs, including the
    Nominating Committee Chair; Deanery Representatives;
    and Representatives for Daughters-at-Large and Junior
    Daughters. All these Appointees shall have voice and
    vote on the Assembly Board.
  2. Sit as an ex officio member on all committees except the
    Nominating Committee.
  3. Represent the Diocese as a Delegate at the Triennial
    National Convention of The Order.
  4. Represent, when possible, The Assembly and The Order
    at Diocesan functions, including the Diocesan
  5. Attend, when possible, or send a representative to ECW
    Board meetings, the ECW Annual Meeting, Province VIII
    Board meetings, and the Province VIII Annual Retreat.
  6. Submit an Annual Report of Diocesan Assembly business
    and activities to the Province VIII President, when
  7. Attend, when possible, or send a representative from
    The Executive Board to Chapter Institutions and Officer
  8. Plan an Annual Retreat for The Executive and Assembly
    Boards and Chapter Officers.
  9. Write a President’s Letter for each issue of The Angel’s
    Wing and write to the recipients of the Bishop Gooden
  10. Perform all other duties pertaining to her office.
Sheila Lowerre

Sheila Lowerre

1st Vice President 2021 - 2024

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Fullerton

Job Description

The First Vice President shall, in the absence of the President,
perform all duties of the President, including presiding at all
meetings. In the case of the death or resignation of the
President, the First Vice President shall automatically become
the President and assume all the duties of that office. In
addition, the First Vice President shall:

  1. Work to increase membership of The Order within the
    Diocese and coordinate with the Deanery
    Representatives and the Membership Committee to
    organize and institute new Chapters.
  2. Organize, with the guidance of the President and the
    Chaplain, activities for each meeting of The Assembly
    Board designed to further the leadership abilities and
    spiritual growth of the Chapter Presidents.
  3. Update the Diocesan Assembly Bylaws, Rules, and
    Procedures, as necessary.
  4. Perform all other duties pertaining to her office.
Carol Morgan

Carol Morgan

Secretary 2021 - 2024

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Upland

Job Description

The Secretary shall take, distribute, and archive all minutes of
all meetings of The Assembly Board and The Executive Board
as well as those of the Business Meetings held at the Spring
and Fall Assemblies and any specially called meetings. In
addition, the Secretary shall:

  1. Be responsible for maintaining lists of members and
    officers of Chapters in the Diocese. She shall take the roll
    call at the Spring and Fall Assemblies.
  2. Handle all the correspondence needs of The Diocesan
    Assembly, including contact with the National Office.
  3. Assist the President in preparing materials for all
    Assemblies and Board meetings and maintain an archive
    copy (print and/or electronic) of major publications of
    The Order, The Province, and The Diocese.
  4. Perform all other duties pertaining to her office.
Brenda Thurton

Brenda Thurton

Treasurer 2021 - 2024

Christ the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, Los Angeles

Job Description

The Treasurer shall keep records of all accounts of The
Assembly and give a financial report at all meetings. In
addition, the Treasurer shall:

  1. Receive, manage, and distribute all funds of The
    Assembly, as directed by The Executive Board and
    according to the Diocesan Rules and Procedures.
  2. Prepare a budget at the beginning of each Fiscal Year to
    begin September 1st and end on August 31st.
  3. Prepare for audit of the financial records of The
    Assembly whenever there is a change of treasurer (at
    the end of her term or when a replacement is named)
    and engage a responsible auditor for this purpose.
  4. Perform all other duties pertaining to her office.